Paving Cleaning and Sealing Perth

Give your outdoor surface a new lease on life with the best paving cleaning and sealing service in Perth. Available for pavers in your driveway, pathway, patio, pool area, you name it.

If your pavers are stained and faded, it’s an easy fix. Once we’re done with your paving cleaning and sealing treatment, you’ll have a brand new area that pops with your choice of colour, is a breeze to maintain, and is a pleasure to walk on.

First, we’ll high-pressure deep clean your pavers, getting rid of those surface-level stains, dust and particles. Our paver cleaning has the dual benefit of looking good and being much healthier for your family, as the antibacterial agents target all that mould and mildew build-up.

Then comes the magic — Perth’s only tanzanite colour seal.

Paver colour sealing

Unique to Perth Blast n Seal, our tanzanite colour sealing will transform your pavers, whether they’re concrete, liquid limestone, brick — anything you want to change the colour of. We’ll do your crossover too.

After our highly popular Perth paving cleaning and sealing treatment, your driveway will be highly resistant to stains of every kind. That includes oil, BBQ fats, your household cleaners, grease, Coca-Cola, everything. Simply hose it down.

Plus, your paving will be resistant to UV, so no fading in the sun. It’s part of the reason we offer an unheard-of 10-year colour guarantee on all our tanzanite sealing.

The entire paving cleaning and sealing from our Perth team takes about three days,  which means no cars on the driveway and ideally, nobody walking on the surface. But if you absolutely have to, a few hours after sealing is usually fine to quickly step across.

Note that our tanzanite sealer is not paint, so it won’t ever peel away — but it’s also not a gap filler, which means it won’t close up any cracks.

Still not convinced? There are countless examples on our Facebook of what our paving cleaning and sealing treatments have done for clients across Perth, from Yanchep to Mandurah.

Contact Perth Blast n Seal on 0408 013 119 for all your Perth paving cleaning and sealing needs today.

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