Exposed aggregate sealing in Perth

Did you know most people in Perth never re-seal their exposed aggregate after their concrete contractor has left? This leaves it wide open to lasting damage from stains, whether it’s leaked oil, spilled wine or surprise presents left by your dog.

Don’t be most people – do your beautiful exposed aggregate surface justice, and have it professionally sealed by Perth experts.

At Perth Blast n Seal, we use a high-quality acrylic sealant to ensure your exposed aggregate has stronger performance, longer life and a deeper, richer appearance.

Once complete, liquids will bead on the surface for easy-cleaning, creating a low-maintenance surface and giving it a sleeker, polished look. Sealing your exposed aggregate will repel oils, grease and other liquids, protecting it from the harsh Perth sun and common issues such as abrasion or salt weakening (efflorescence).

Properly sealing exposed aggregate makes a breeze to maintain – simply roll out the hose every once and a while and give it a once over to dislodge any dirt in the surface texture. A quick sweep will help remove any remaining grit.

If you don’t seal your exposed aggregate, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of elbow grease to remove even the lightest stains after they’ve soaked in deep – if you can get them out at all. Plus, your surface will be weaker, and prone to spalling or breaking.

For your peace of mind, at Perth Blast n Seal we offer guarantees on our exposed aggregate sealing from 2 to 10 years, and we offer Perth’s only unique 3-coat Diamond Sealing System.

We understand budding DIYers might want to try it themselves, but an incorrectly sealed driveway can result in bubbling, a nasty yellowing or cloudy appearance, or a messy, uneven finish.

An amateur job will cost you in the long run – so why not speak to a Perth team with over 15 years’ experience in blasting, cleaning and sealing surfaces like exposed aggregate? As a proudly family-owned business, we’ll tackle any job, residential or commercial.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give our team a buzz and tell us about your Perth exposed aggregate sealing needs. We’ll even drop by for a free, no-obligation quote, from Mandurah to Yanchep.