Liquid limestone and limestone paver cleaning in Perth

If your limestone surface is looking a bit worse for wear, you’re in luck, because Perth Blast n Seal offers deep cleaning of liquid limestone and limestone pavers.

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone with plenty of character but can be notoriously tricky to maintain, as it needs ongoing care and a proper maintenance plan. As limestone tends to be softer than concrete, it needs regular cleaning and can be more susceptible to scratching, etching or fading. Plus, it’s porous – try dropping a tablespoon of water on limestone and it’ll disappear in seconds. Being porous means limestone can attract all kinds of dirt, mould and mildew, and it can be sensitive to chemicals or high-pressure cleaning.

You may have also found out the hard way that the calcite composition of limestone makes it extra vulnerable to acidity from a food or drink spill, and oil will quickly permeate the surface and leave a deep stain if it is unsealed.

Depending upon the type of limestone, its purpose and where it resides, your maintenance needs may vary – which is why it’s important to engage the services of a professional team.

We know our limestone here at Perth Blast n Seal, which also means we know how to clean it. Our high-quality Perth based limestone cleaning service will safely remove all the muck, grime and stains from your limestone without doing any damage. If you’ve never had your limestone cleaned before, the difference will be night and day.

We’re a proudly family-owned Perth business with over 15 years experience in blasting, sealing and cleaning surfaces like limestone, concrete and exposed aggregate.

Once your limestone is properly cleaned, it makes sense to keep it that way. why not keep it that way? Using a high-quality sealant will protect your surface, maintaining its appearance and creating a stain-resistant barrier.

We’ll tackle any job, whether it’s residential or commercial. Give our team a buzz to find out more about our Perth limestone cleaning services. We’ll even drop by for a free, no-obligation quote, from Mandurah to Yanchep.