We are Perth’s cleaning and sealing company for all your OUTDOOR surfaces.

PBS are a Family-owned Western Australian company. At Perth Blast n Seal, We can take care of all Pressure washing and sealing services. Not to mention PBS also work in both the residential and commercial sector’s.

PBS have great workmanship, Along with Great customer service and unique guarantees. Perth Blast N Seal also have packages to suit all budgets.

 Our Service area stretches from Yanchep to Mandurah. We are the Experts in pressure-washing and sealing. For instance Perth Blast n Seal remove stain’s dirt & mould. PBS also do  Honing of sharp Exposed Aggregate to smooth .

You can Contact us today for professional advice on the best way to clean and seal your external area’s. To get the best possible results available to fail proof your external area’s.

The staff at PBS have all the tips and tricks , Because of  15 years of Decorative Concrete experience. PBS have what is the most unique, Talked about cleaning & sealing systems Perth has to offer .For instance

For instance , No one can offer the astonishing 7,10 YEAR GUARANTEE’S on offer like Perth Blast n Seal can.

Kickstart yourself into Protecting your externals area’s today ! 

And know that you are Backed by Perth Blast n Seal’s OUTRAGEOUS 7,10 YEAR GUARANTEE’S !